Kiln Rules

Our kiln adventures are led by our experienced staff, who pack and program with finesse. While we do our best to protect your creations, we can't guarantee they won't crack, warp, or encounter other mishaps during firing.

In the rare event of a kiln under-fire, we've got your back! We'll re-fire your pieces, no charge.If, by some unlikely twist, your piece suffers damage from our team or a faulty firing, we'll cover the firing cost and provide studio access for you to remake and re-fire, free of charge.

Kiln schedules might take an unexpected detour at times, but rest assured, we'll keep you in the loop.Worried about runny glazes? Setters are your best friend! In case glaze misbehaves and dares to decorate a kiln shelf, a cleaning or replacement fee may apply.

To avoid any clay or glaze mishaps, make sure to provide accurate information. Mismatched clay or glaze types may lead to unwanted kiln shelf décor and associated fees.

Stability is the name of the glaze game. Flashy or salty glazes won't find their way into our kilns.

Let's avoid surprises, shall we? Give us a heads-up if you plan any wild experiments with your clay or glaze.BRT clay bodies are welcome, as long as they don't exceed 10% of the mix.

Let's keep the kiln adventures balanced!